What happens when you decide not to call yourself a Buddhist

I just realized the essay I submitted a bit haphazardly last month to the Under 35 project was published on their site. Largely biographical if you’re interested, and probably also the beginning of a lot more exploration into issues of identity and belonging.

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  1. Elizabeth

     /  October 9, 2011

    Such a beautiful summary of your journey Katherine!

  2. The fantastic thing is, my dearest sister, we’ve been waking up together.

  3. Fantastic essay Katherine.

    I was having a similar discussion with my wife last night…do I call myself a Buddhist? Do I not? How can I not? Why am I afraid to? Etc.

    On the level of “how to integrate practice and the call to do something awareness oriented for a living”…that’s a hard one. I’m right there with you searching and stumbling. Maybe it will be as a mental health counselor, maybe through coaching, maybe through professional mediating…who knows. For now, I’m just exploring some local options and continuing to go with the flow of the stumble to see what happens…daily life practice, writing, reading, engaging…maybe that’s all that will be available to you or I in this life…would that be a bad thing? Something more to ponder…there’s a defilement in there somewhere I’m sure ;)


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